The 3 Forms of Clemency


Within the justice system, there is a judicial act that is called”clemency.” There are three principal forms of clemency: 1) a reprieve, two ) a commutation of sentence, or 3) a pardon. Keep on reading in order to master what clemency way for a convict, and each type of how clemency operates out.

Clemency is another word for winner , leniency, or forgiveness. At the legal justice system, it applies to convicted folks who are serving jail or prison time. It is an act which can only be run by means of an executive member of administration under state law it’d really be the governor, and under national law it’d be the President of the U.S..

As mentioned at the introduction, you will find 3 kinds of judicial leniency, which include reprieves, commutations of sentences, along with pardons.


A reprieve is offered to specific licensed inmates to suspend the implementation of these sentence as a way to give them longer hours to really have their own sentence reduced. You see this form of clemency most often in capital situations, in which an inmate is going through the death penalty. By devoting a reprieve, the inmate has significantly more time for you to allure that the capital punishment sentence.

Commutation of Sentence

A commutation of sentence can be an application of clemency which reduces a defendant’s sentence into a smaller jail or punishment sentence. Most frequently, this really is used toward defendant whose sentence is imprisonment. Even though this form of clemency lessens or suspends an defendant’s prison period, it does not annul the true certainty.


It is common to hear of pardons from the movies and on television, however in reallife, pardons are astoundingly infrequent and considerably more formal. In a basic sense, a pardon forgives a convicted individual in their crimes and penalties. Pardons can only be allowed by a head of state or top government officer. They truly are typically only granted when a convicted man has compensated their”debt to society”, or will be worthy of getting forgiven for the offense. Pardons usually do not void the certainty; they simply let the person off the hook after they’ve done their time and paid the purchase price of committing the crime.

Qualifications for Clemency

Clemency can be earmarked for diplomatic functions. For example, whenever an inmate is remarkably old or needing medical care, they may be allowed clemency because of their offenses. In other cases, clemency might be granted to people whose sentences had been surplus, or whose guilt was encompassed with doubt. Needless to say, there are times when clemency is granted as a favor of a executive political close friends or associates.

Clemency Petitions

Inmates must ask clemency by means of app or petition. Earlier those petitions are assessed by a mind of government, the majority of states call for the applications to be submitted by way of a clarifying agency, such as their state Board of Pardon and Parole. Talk to your own trusted felony defense lawyer to get assistance understanding your legal rights to sentence leniency.

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